Digital Dentistry

Get the Smile You Want Today With Digital Dentistry

If you’ve never heard about digital dentistry, you might not know what to expect at your dental appointment. Rest assured because digital dentistry uses modern technology to take precise scans of your mouth and is highly beneficial to anyone seeking cosmetic or restorative dental services. At McDonogh Dental in Owings Mills, MD, our dentists are experts at incorporating digital dentistry into our procedures. It’s comfortable, non-invasive, and allows dentists to craft perfect restorations.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from this type of dentistry:
  • Natural-looking restorations
  • No messy impressions
  • Thorough dental scans
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Types of Digital Dentistry Services

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are faster and use less radiation than the older film x-rays. The resulting image appears on the computer screen immediately after taking the x-ray. They can then be enlarged and otherwise enhanced to aid in diagnosis.

Digital Scanning

A digital scan creates computer-generated replicas of the soft and hard tissues inside a mouth. It uses lasers and other optical devices to scan the oral cavity and take highly accurate impressions in minutes. These scans can then be sent to a lab, where an extremely accurate restoration, such as a crown, can be fabricated.

Soft Tissue Laser

These diode lasers create precision cuts in the mouth’s soft tissues, such as the gums, for some surgical procedures. The laser cauterizes the wounds instantly to reduce bleeding and encourage faster healing.

Digital Imaging

We use several digital imaging devices in our office to ensure that we get the most accurate scan of our patient’s mouths. For instance, intraoral cameras use bright LED or halogen lights to project a live video of the mouth to a screen to show various areas with more clarity.

Improve Your Oral Health Today With McDonogh Dental’s Digital Dentistry Services

For quick and effective dental services, turn to McDonogh Dental! We incorporate digital dentistry to efficiently diagnose dental issues and craft perfect restorations. Schedule a consultation today!