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Restorations Dentistry

If your smile is less than perfect, McDonogh Dental will replace and restore missing and damaged teeth. We treat cavities with tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns. These consist of various materials (ceramic and /or composite) to restore your teeth so you can chew again with confidence. We also fit patients with implants, bridges, and dentures if they’re missing teeth.

Endodontics and Root Canals

The nerve or “pulp” inside teeth can become damaged or infected, but endodontic procedures like root canal treatment from McDonogh Dental can relieve tooth pain from the inflammation.

Sleep Dentistry

If you have problems with snoring, difficulty breathing during sleep, or experience morning headaches, McDonogh Dental can help. A sleep disorder, called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, causes a person to stop breathing while sleeping, reducing their oxygen intake. This can cause health problems like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular concerns. We provide personalized treatments such as a snore guard and oral appliance devices to help you with these issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry

McDonogh Dental can beautify your smile with our cosmetic dental services and products. Don’t let stains, crooked teeth, and frown lines get you down; we can create a treatment plan that consists of Botox, teeth aligners, porcelain veneers, bonding, or teeth whitening to maximize the aesthetics of your smile.


Gum disease (periodontal disease) can destroy the jawbone around your teeth, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. However, McDonogh Dental offers various periodontal treatments to reduce inflammation within the gum line and improve your smile. Bone and gingival grafting as well as crown lengthening, are additional periodontal procedures we can perform.

Prevention Dentistry

McDonogh Dental Associates understands the importance of dental exams and cleanings for achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.  At each re-care appointment, we provide our patients with a thorough dental, periodontal (gum), and oral cancer exam, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment, if indicated. Additional preventive services include dental sealants and custom nightguards if you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night and custom sports mouthguards to protect your teeth if you participate in contact sports. We also take only necessary digital x-rays to examine tooth and jaw structures.  Digital X-rays are the latest advancement in x-ray technology which significantly reduces radiation exposure.   Schedule a preventive appointment today!


What Our patients have to Say


My dentist is the best! He is a dentist that understands real life. Sometimes a girl wants to eat chocolate and he gets that. That’s the kind of dentist we all need in our life. Also, the dental hygienist is always a good time. I have never walked into the office and felt like I was not valued. From the moment you open the door to the moment you leave. You feel the love. If you are looking for a place to keep your teeth healthy, value your needs, and a down to earth staff...look no further you found them! Thank me later.


I’ve been a patient at McDonogh Dental for 24 years since I moved to Maryland. The offices were recommended to me by a colleague. I’ve recommended them to several people. The staff is so friendly and highly competent. During Covid they are practicing the safest of protocols. I’d give them 5 stars on every level.


What a wonderful experience! Everyone was so nice. COVID situation was well-handled and organized. Dr. Fine has an amazing chairside manner and truly went above and beyond for me! I've already referred someone and am sure there will be more to follow. Thanks to all!