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Digital Dentistry

- Digital X-ray

- Dental Laser

- Digital Scanner

- Intra Oral Camera

- Panoramic Digital X-ray Imaging

What is digital x-ray?

By using a computer and digital sensor or capture device, dental x-rays are captured. This eliminates the need for x-ray film, chemical processing, and waiting for development. In addition to our digital dental x-rays, we also have a state-of-the art Digital Panorex.

What are the advantages?

Because the x-ray sensors are more sensitive than traditional film, the patient is exposed to less radiation. In some cases this can be as much as a 60% reduction. Since there are no chemicals required to develop the exposed x-ray films, it is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the images can be enlarged and computer enhanced to help diagnose and treat dental disease at an earlier stage. Since our digital sensors are rounded and have no sharp edges, many patients report they are more comfortable than traditional films.